Project Team

Academic Team

Dr Lee Bosher

Reader in Disaster Risk Management; his work covers the integration of multi-hazard mitigation strategies into the decision-making processes of key construction stakeholders. He has been involved in research projects investigating how urban resilience can be increased in India, Indonesia, Japan and across Europe.

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Dr Ksenia Chmutina

Lecturer in Sustainable and Resilient Urbanism. Her main research interest is in synergies of resilience and sustainability in cities, including holistic approach to enhancing resilience to natural hazards and human-induced threats, and a better understanding of the systemic implications of sustainability and resilience under the pressures of urbanisation and climate change.  Ksenia has been doing research in Europe, the Caribbean, India, Indonesia and Japan.

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Dr Jati Utomo Dwi Hatmoko

Vice Dean for Research and Innovation and Senior Lecturer, Engineering Faculty, UnDip. His research interests include sustainable construction, supply chain management, risk management, public private partnership. His research has been funded by Ministry of Public Works, Construction Services Development Board, and Ministry of Research and Higher Education. He is a founding member of UK-Indonesia Researcher Network (UKIREN), and University Network for Indonesia Infrastructure Development (UNIID).


Dr Ferry Hermawan

Lecturer and Head of Construction Management Research Group, UnDip. His main research interest is in strategic management of public building projects in the local government context. Other research works include stakeholder engagement, public infrastructure policies, construction productivity, public building retrofitting, and traditional market revitalisation. He has conducted consultancies for government at regional and national level.


Dr Robby Soetanto

Senior lecturer at LU and Principal Investigator of BuGIS project. He has been researching flood resilience strategies since 2001, and was a Co-Investigator of EPSRC-funded Community Resilience to Extreme Weather project. He is the founder of UK-Indonesia Researcher Network (UKIREN:; and the leader of award-winning research project, BIM-Hub (

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Dr Wido P Tyas

Dr Wido P TyasLecturer in Department of Urban and Regional Planning, UnDip. Her research covers several issues such as sustainable housing and settlement, resilience and post-disaster, and also home based enterprises. Most of the researches are social research.  Her research is mostly about developing countries context.

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Project Partners

  • Mr Agung Budi Margono
    Member of Parliament – House of Representative Semarang
  • Mr Purnomo Dwi Sasongko
    Chief Resilience Officer – Regional Development Planning Agency (BAPPEDA)
  • Dr Wiwandari Handayani
    Deputy Chief Resilient Officer – Universitas Diponegoro
  • Dr Hanifa M. Denny
    Dean of College of Public Health, UnDip and member of Urban Development Advisory Council (DP2K)

Research Assistants

Nafsika Drosou

Nafsika DrosouNafsika is a civil engineer with masters degrees in Low Carbon Building Design and Modeling, as well as building Energy Demand Studies. She is currently in the final stage of completing a PhD in daylighting in classrooms. Her interests lie in sustainable applications of technology focused on improving the life of people and communities within the built environment. In this regard, she is keen to participate in interdisciplinary and mixed method research in order to find technical solutions that are also viable in the long term within environmental, social and economic contexts. The aims of the BuGIS project are aligned with Nafsika’s interests, both in terms of content and geographical location. Working towards the project objectives provides a platform for her to apply and further develop interdisciplinary research skills, as well interpersonal communication skills necessary for international collaborative projects. Furthermore, it expands her knowledge on built environment issues, shifting the scope from buildings to the urban scale.


Erina Ermaliana

Erina is currently studying in Diponegoro University majoring in Civil Engineering. As a future building engineer she aspires to focus on environmentally friendly buildings. By joining BuGIS she is gaining knowledge on the impact of construction on the environment and the development of research capacity.

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p: +62 821144222022

Reandy Haganta

Reandy is a final year undergraduate student at the Department of Civil Engineering, Diponegoro University. He is interested in construction that is sustainable and efficient and believes in the benefits of sourcing energy from renewable sources. Reandy is also interested in social issues surrounding the built environment, as well as the impact of government policies. By joining BuGIS he seeks to improve his research knowledge and experience in order to study abroad and eventually develop into a problem solver able to help his country.

p: +62 822 4250 5588

Cholid Fitrianto

Cholid is a Civil Engineering undergraduate student at Diponegoro University. His interests lie in Construction Management and Hydro Engineering. His joined BuGIS to learn more about the impact of infrastructure on the current environment. Cholid hopes this project will improve his experience and knowledge of infrastructure construction and development, as well as aspects related to the natural environment.


Rayhan Hadi

Rayhan is an undergraduate student from Diponegoro University, majoring in Civil Engineering. Conducting research regarding sustainable infrastructure has been one of his aspirations during his time at university. By joining BuGIS Rayhan seeks to obtain valuable research experience in urban planning and in engineering strategies that are sensitive to the future of communities. He sees this as a great opportunity to develop research skills and get a deeper understanding of how to build sustainable environments.


Januarta Dwi

Januarta has completed an Urban and Regional Planning BSc in Diponegoro University. Her passion is local-based development and social research. She joined the BuGIS project for the opportunity to gain research experience and engage with local people in improving their capacity to reduce disaster risk. Januarta seeks to learn about overcoming urban disasters based on existing best practices and formulating real world strategies that facilitate communities and stakeholders to achieve their common goal of overcoming the problem of flood in urban areas.


Sheila Nabila

Sheila is a student in the Department of Civil Engineering, Diponegoro University. Her research interests are in sustainability infrastructure and the improvement of the built environment in urban areas. Sheila joined BuGIS to learn about the relationship between construction and urbanization in modern cities and how to increase their resilience. She is also looking to improve her skills in communicating with stakeholders gaining research experience.

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Emir Hartri Putra

Emir is a Civil Engineering student in Diponegoro University. Hi is interested in construction management and value engineering, as well as social aspects of the built environment, as he is active in various social projects within local communities in Semarang. Emir would like to learn about the impact communities can have on sustainable construction and urban development. Through BuGIS he hopes to gain experience on academia, government, community and business collaboration and use this for further graduate study abroad.